Recommended reading & resources

Recommended reading list

Belgrave, M.

Historical Frictions: Māori Claims and Reinvented

Auckland University Press, 2005

Belgrave, M., Kawharu, M., & Williams, D. (Eds).

Waitangi Revisited: Perspectives on the Treaty of Waitangi

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2004

Boon, Kevin

The Treaty of Waitangi

Waiatarau Publishers, Auckland, 1999

Brownlie, Ian

Treaties and Indigenous Peoples

Clarendon Press, England, 1992

Calman, Ross

The Treaty of Waitangi

Reed, Auckland, 2003

Consedine R, & Consedine J

Healing our History: The Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi

Penguin,New Zealand, 2001

Cubitt, Irvine and Dow

Top Tools for Social Sciences Teachers

Longman, Auckland, 1999

Grace, Wiremu and illustrated by Potter, Bruce

The Tree Hut Treaty children’s story book

Treaty of Waitangi Information Unit

Harris, Aroha

Hīkoi: Forty Years of Māori Protest

Huia Publishers, Wellington, 2004

King, Michael

The Penguin History of New Zealand

Penguin Books Ltd, Auckland, 2003

Miller, John

Early Victorian New Zealand: A Study of Racial Tension and Social Attitudes

Oxford University Press, Wellington, 1839 -1852

Belgrave, M.

Historical Frictions: Maori Claims and Reinvented

Auckland University Press, 2005

Interactive CD Rom

This award winning interactive CD Rom provides animated audio information about the Treaty of Waitangi and New Zealand history. It was designed with teenagers in mind, but is ideal for all visual and audio learners aged 10 years upwards.
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Booklet Set

This packaged set includes 5 booklets, each focusing on a slightly different area of Treaty history. They are:

  • All about the Treaty
  • Timeline of the Treaty
  • The story of the Treaty part 1
  • The story of the Treaty part 2
  • The journey of the Treaty.

Many historians contributed to the material in these booklets to ensure they are as accurate and balanced as possible. Designed with all New Zealanders in mind, and are a ‘must have’ in every household.
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