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The Treaty Trail

See the journeys that the nine Treaty documents took around New Zealand between 6 February and 3 September 1840. You will see that most of the transportation was done coastally by ship, as there was limited access inland.

In those 7 months, over 500 rangatira (chiefs) signed a copy of the Treaty, however not every Māori leader signed. While some refused to sign, others did not have the chance – the Treaty didn’t go to their region.
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Population changes

Arguably, one of the most significant impacts on the traditional way of life for Māori was the rapid influx of settlers after the Treaty was signed. Within 20 years Māori went from being a significant majority to a minority.
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Land ownership

The arrival of new settlers and the expansion of government infrastructure led to a swift transfer of land from Māori to Crown and settler ownership.
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