Education resources

This website provides an overview of the exhibition with all the text and graphic panels, and includes most of the interactives. 

In this education section you will find tools to assist you in teaching the Treaty of Waitangi to your class. These tools will help to teach a stand-alone unit, or can be used to follow up after a visit to the exhibition.

The TREATY 2 U exhibition is of high interest to secondary school students. It has strong links with two specific Learning Areas in the New Zealand Curriculum – Social Studies and NCEA History. 

Social Studies

The ’Teaching the Treaty’ section on this website is separated into year levels from Year 8. For each level from Y8–10, there is a nine-lesson Social Studies unit which is linked to the curriculum. 

NCEA History

The TREATY 2 U exhibition is particularly relevant to NCEA History students as it is relevant to many themes and topics, across all levels. It is topical for all students studying themes of Social Welfare, Race Relations, and Political Change in L1 and L2.  For NCEA L3 History students studying the New Zealand topic, it is an essential visit.

The ‘Teaching the Treaty’ section on this website outlines the links evident for students studying NCEA History, as well as providing relevant resources to assist in teaching the Treaty at this level.

All of the sections in this area of the website are designed to offer you as much support as possible, and to encourage you to include the Treaty of Waitangi in your classroom programmes.

Booking an education programme

Te Papa Education | Te Ipu Kāhuirangi will be offering two education programmes – one connected to the Social Studies curriculum at Level 5 (Y9–10), and another that connects to the NCEA History curriculum (Y11–13).

To book, or for more information on our education programme, you can: