Year 8 - Lesson 8

Curriculum level:
Programme focus:
Why a Treaty?
Length of lesson:
45 – 90 minutes

Focus learning areas

  • The arrival of Māori
  • First contact
  • Change to the Māori world
  • Traders
  • Muskets
  • Coping with change
  • James Busby
  • William Hobson

Achievement objectives

Students will gain knowledge, skills and experience to:

  • Understand how exploration and innovation create opportunities and challenges for people, places, and environments.
  • Understand that events have causes and effects.

Learning Outcomes

This programme will provide students with opportunities to:

  • Recall information learnt in the previous lessons.
  • Work as a member of a group contributing ideas for a role play.

Suggested activities

  • Use the items listed in the ‘focus learning areas’ above and either brainstorm with the class what has been covered, or have a quiz.
  • Split the class into groups. Ask them to discuss how they could show what they have learnt – from the story of Kupe up to the signing of the Treaty – in a role play.