Year 9 - Overview

Curriculum level:
4 – 5
Length of Programme:
9 x 45 – 90 minute periods

Programme Focus: What the Treaty says

Using the Treaty poster and the information provided in Section 2 of the TREATY 2 U exhibition website (see: as the basis for the lessons, the students will learn about the text of the Treaty.

They will also learn about historical breaches of the Treaty, and what some Māori have done to seek redress from the Crown.

To foster a sense of relevance for the students, connections between the Treaty and their own lives and values will be made.

Social Science strand/strands

  • Identity, Culture, and Organisation
  • Place and Environment
  • Continuity and Change



– students will share ideas and make connections between New Zealand’s past, present, and future.

Lifelong learners

– investigating New Zealand history, and applying skills of interpretation and review, to help students develop critical and creative thinking skills.


High expectations

– students have the opportunity to share their work with peers, and, potentially, wider audiences.

Learning to learn

– students reflect on their own learning and that of others through the process of refining their own work.

Treaty of Waitangi

– students have the opportunity to study the text of the Treaty of Waitangi from the aspect of why a treaty was needed in New Zealand.



– students are encouraged to aim high with their questioning, debate, research, and presentation.

Innovation, inquiry, and curiosity

– students are encouraged to think critically, creatively and reflectively throughout the process.


– students are encouraged to review each other’s work, giving positive feedback and suggestions for improvement, practicing respectful communication with their peers.


– the opportunity is presented to students to think about the values, views, and heritage of cultures different from their own.

Key Competencies

Relating to others

– the students will share ideas, recognise different points of view, negotiate, and work together to learn about the themes in the TREATY 2 U exhibition.

Participating and contributing

– the students will be involved in various discussions and activities, individually and in small groups where they will need to contribute their thoughts and ideas.


– the students will explore, question, and form opinions about New Zealand history and the Treaty of Waitangi

Using language, symbols and texts

– the students will interpret language and symbols within a variety of texts, including: written, oral/aural, and visual; informative and imaginative; informal and formal.

Achievement Objectives:

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • Understand how exploration and innovation create opportunities and challenges for people, places, and environments.
  • Understand that events have causes and effects.
  • Understand how the Treaty of Waitangi is responded to differently by people in different times and different places.
  • Understand how the ideas and actions of people in the past have had a significant impact on people’s lives.

Unit Overview

Lesson 1

  • What is a treaty?
  • Information about the Treaty sheets
  • Why a Treaty?
  • Overview of pre 1840 history

Lesson 2

  • Why a Treaty?
  • Preamble text of the Treaty

Lesson 3

  • Re-cap information learnt about the Preamble of the Treaty
  • Article one

Lesson 4

  • Re-cap information learnt about Article one of the Treaty
  • Article two

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

  • Scenarios activity – focusing on feelings
  • Protest

Lesson 7

  • How Māori groups have protested about the Treaty

Lesson 8

  • Create your own game, modelled on the power game from the TREATY 2 U exhibition

Lesson 9

  • Present completed games